It’s all about the music…

“It’s all about the music, and it means a lot to us! It’s just one prize, one album!”

These were the words that Stéphane Bergeron from Karkwa said after winning the
Polaris Music Prize. It was the 5th annual event and all ten shortlisted nominees played the televised gala show which took place at the historic Masonic Temple in Toronto, Canada. Here they are playing the track Acouphène live at the gala:

Also, for those of you who don’t understand French, the lyrics are quite interesting. Although translations don’t completely do it justice, here it is for you. Keep in mind that acouphène translates to mean tinnitus (ringing in your ears) in English so the person in this song is wrestling with this issue…

I write this/ from my prison cell/
This madness/ has become a hell/
From my bed/ every single thing seems so obscene.

Writing/ whatever I choose/
I’m longing/ for the light of day/
and the sound/ of gentle breaking waves upon my neck/

But the ‘acouphene’/a marble rolling ’round my brain/
The ‘acouphene’ leaves me far behind/ howling at the moon/
The werewolf………the fear of the beast/ drives me mad/

I write this/ from this guillotine/
I’m dreaming/ of endorphin’s kiss/
The white noise/ is turning into darkness over night/

The air……….a symphony of wind……./
I need to breathe/
and play the way I played/ before the ‘acouphene’/

If I could lay my hands/ on the ‘acouphene’
I would pick it up/ and throw it far away/
I would stop/ stop this endless noise/
And finally/ find a better ear/ And start again

I’m gonna find a better ear/ And start again

Tuesday morning – a little rough around the edges – we went in to speak with Jian Ghomeshi on his show – Q on CBC Radio. Here’s what it looked like inside the studio:

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