Easing into the greys…

It’s that in between season of grey where you wish the fall colours would stick around, but here in Toronto, the threat of cold is real… but luckily we have some great music to keep us going as we promote music across Canada.

Lisa LeBlanc’s new album “Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen?” is rowdy and heart-on-her-sleeve and debuted at #8 on the Billboard album charts in Canada in its first week! This 26 year old punk rock banjo player has written an album of relationships, travel, and acknowledgement of her Acadian heritage. Here’s the break-up song you wish you had written, for a taste of her gritty approach to folk music:

Nick Cave had a devastating tradgedy in recent years, losing his son in an accident. He took time off but there is a new album, a film and, perhaps, some more announcements coming in the future. Here’s one of our favourite tunes from his 2013 release Push The Sky Away:

Laura Sauvage’s debut record piled her love of 90’s bands like Weezer and Pavement and Nirvana all in one place and gained her some unexpected fans. As her other group Les Hay Babies launch their new record (it’s wonderful, by the way) we hope she’s on the road writing up some new tunes for her solo efforts. Check out a tune from that debut here:

Zed’s Dead took inspiration from the city of Toronto and their awesome parents to take the entrepreneurial route to the international DJ circuit. They teamed up with Smirnoff Sound Select on a mini-doc about their new music, new ventures, and what Toronto means to them.

Just some of the projects we are working on right now!

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