blue skies for summer and fall

Summer is here and we are setting up some incredible music for the fall. Here’s a quick glance on the wonderful music coming your way.

Lisa LeBlanc’s new album “Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen?” was nominated for a JUNO award and placed on the Polaris Music Prize longlist. Check out her most recent video and catch her on tour.

Nick Cave had a devastating tragedy in recent years, losing his son in an accident. He took time off but there is a new album, a film, a tour and a legacy collection called Lovely Creatures.

Common Deer released their first EP this winter and this summer will drop a second one! Their debut single hit #1 on the Viral Top 50 Charts in Canada at Spotify and they are playing shows all summer!

BEYRIES’s debut record Landing struck a chord in Canada and overseas, making a top ten debut on the Billboard sales charts! A two-time breast Cancer survivor, she turned to music when nothing made any more sense. This summer she plays live for the LolĂ« White Tour. More on the horizon. Here’s a tune:

Mo Kenney is well known for her songwriting chops and live stage presence. She revealed recently her fall album will be called The Details and this is the first song from the album. It’s plugged in and employs a solid turn-of-phrase.

More music to come as the months progress!

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