Webster Media Consulting is a full service public relations consultancy with a focus on providing strategic and proactive planned communications for the entertainment, music and film arts sector in Canada. The spirit of Webster is highly creative, entrepreneurial, well-organized and professional. The priority of all our campaigns is to highlight the key messages for the client campaign, to grow and develop talent and opinion through support of critics, industry leaders and tastemakers, and to advise on strategies that are important to the success of the campaign in both traditional and social in platform. Timing, insight and relationships with media are all important to the infrastructure of this company, and your campaign.

If you’re a musician reading this and not understanding a word, let us break it down for you – if your music is good, and you’ve spent blood, sweat, money and tears making it, and you’re embarking on a tour through every tiny little town in Canada… we take all of that and promote it in the best way possible. Rather than follow-up with journalists incessantly, we aim to target the ones that would be most likely to cover your project in a positive way. We advise on the best way to set yourself up and, using our relationships and our well-heeled media database, we carry you along and deliver.

If you’re a brand manager looking for someone to uplift your product to a new level with new ideas, then we provide full plans and build a new vision for the launch or support of your product.

Whether you are a film festival, a website, a great new product or a personality, our view is of the media and how to best navigate it for you. To borrow a term from architects, it’s like we’re media wayfinders. We’re connected on a variety of platforms. It comes down to the positioning and the follow-through and we do both of these well. And that’s what makes the difference. Take a look at some of our past and present clients.