“Webster Media Consulting has gone far beyond the standard PR routine with us. They crafted a long term strategy, while adapting as the campaign progressed. Brand building is everything in today’s music business, and WebsterMC recognizes this new reality better than any PR firm we’ve worked with in the past.”

Jason Beck aka Chilly Gonzales


“In June 2015, Luminato Festival hosted Unsound Toronto, an electronic music festival within our festival that electrified Toronto’s decommissioned power plant, The Hearn Generating Station, with two days music and technology. The Webster Media team led publicity efforts and media accreditation for Unsound Toronto and absolutely knocked it out of the park. Rebecca and Kat managed media relations between journalists and multiple artists (across multiple time zones) resulting in outstanding pre-show press that educated and excited audience members about the unique event and its largely unknown venue; they planned and executed a flawless.”

Ashley Ballantyne, Luminato Festival


“The Music Gallery hired Rebecca Webster of Webster Media Consulting to help with publicity and media relations for our fifth annual X AVANT New Music Festival this past fall, 2010. Rebecca was a pleasure to work with, an enthusiastic and engaged partner who really understood the somewhat arcane and highbrow concept behind our festival. She knew which journalistic champions to target and which media outlets would be supportive. Her advice on our use of social media was very valuable – and remains so. Rebecca’s efforts came through with real results – not only did we have the centre spread in Eye Weekly, with two supportive editorial pieces alongside our advertising sponsorship, the boosted media profile resulted in increased word of mouth and a huge spike in attendance – an increase of 95% over the previous year! We look forward to working with Rebecca again in future.”


Jonathan Bunce, The Music Gallery, Toronto.



“Rebecca is a great addition to any project when you want to leverage the PR value of what you are doing. Good contacts, great attitude and quality delivery. Plus she is fun to hang out with! What more could you ask for?”


James Weyman, Manager of Industry Initiatives, Ontario Media Development Corporation



“Rebecca is a dedicated and thorough worker. She knows her contacts well and was terrific at providing them with the leads, contacts and information that resulted in excellent media coverage of the artists she was promoting. I would also note her enthusiasm and enjoyment of her assignments.”



Bruce Hutchinson, Director, Marketing and Media Relations, Harbourfront Centre



“Rebecca is an outstanding publicist and communicator who not only has great ongoing relationships with the media, but with the artists she promotes. She has a boundless supply of energy and creativity and is very systematic and organized in her outreach. Rebecca is a great team player and would be an excellent choice to work with.”



Shane Gerard, APR. Media Relations, Harbourfront Centre



“I worked with Rebecca when her client, Patrick Watson, won the Polaris Music Prize in 2007. She is without a doubt one of the smartest and hardest working music publicists in the country. A lot of publicists claim to get results but she actually does. No detail is left to chance, and no possibility goes unanticipated.”


Steve Jordan, Founder and Executive Director. Polaris Music Prize



“I hired Rebecca to set up and run the Artist and Media Relations Department for Fusion3 Distribution for English Canada. She is an extremely well organized and very connected individual, who has a very good work ethic and digs in the corners to bring in opportunitites that most would not bring to the table. The benefits of her work at Fusion3 were felt immediately and helped support and increase awareness, fans and sales for many domestic and international artists.”


Mike Denney, Director of National Sales and Marketing, Fusion3 Distribution



“Rebecca and Webster Media Consulting took our festival to the next level! They are a first-rate professional PR firm with all of the right contacts and tons of energy for the job!”


Scott Miller Berry, Executive Director, The Images Festival



“Rebecca Webster is an excellent professional publicist. She is thorough, organized, flexible, has cultivated many solid media relationships. Her depth of experience and her French-language abilities have repeatedly proven valuable. More than anything, Rebecca has a special ability to thoughtfully get to the heart of a project and formulate stories with depth, pitch those stories, and deliver results. I have hired her to manage a variety of projects, and would hire her again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Rebecca Webster and her work.”


Heather Kelly, CEO, HKC Marketing